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Welcome to ZTS PHOTO

Hi all and welcome to our blog!

We are Tanner & Sarah Urich a husband and wife photography team based out of Des Moines, Iowa since 2009.


All photos (besides the wedding images) goes to our wonderful photographer bff here in Des Moines Amanda Basteen Photography. She’s an amazing friend and photographer, what more could we ask for! Thanks for capturing our love over the years!

Our own wonderful wedding photos below from Ryan Brenizer Photography New York.


Tanner and I started ZTS Photo way back in our college days at Buena Vista University. We began shooting weddings together in the summer of 2009 and were married ourselves in September of 2014. We have since worked with tons of fantastic clients for weddings, engagements, portraits and commercial photography over those many years.


2017 kicks off our 9th wedding season together and we have an awesome lineup. Thanks to everyone for being so supportive of us over the past 9 years and enjoy poking around the blog!


Reviews from many of our awesome past brides & grooms on Wedding Wire. We highly encourage you to check them out. And thanks to all our past clients for the wonderful words, you are all so kind!

Full sets from all of our sessions on our print site as well as prints to purchase from our landscape of Iowa photos: http://www.ztsphoto.smugmug.com We also encourage all wedding couples to look at full galleries from start to finish from multiple weddings before selecting a photographer. We take great pride in delivering solid galleries all day from start to finish from wedding to wedding.


We truly care about the quality and service our customers receive. We strive to produce unique quality products to our clients and capture photos that have real emotion and life. We are there to help you plan as well, our brides and grooms become our friends over the journey and we are always here to anwser a Facebook message, snapchat, text, etc. Anything to help make your lives easier. We’ve planned and shot many weddings over the years, always here to help!




Check out our blog for our personal work and feel free to follow us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter (all handles are @ztsphoto). We love connecting with our clients, fans, and fellow photographers and wedding industry professionals. As you can see from the photo below we truly do think (and shoot!) alike!

– Tanner-

Tanner is a Buena Vista University alum with a BS in Biology. Tanner currently teaches high school science at Bondurant High School. He also loves to cheer on his favorite football teams (The Patriots and the Hawkeyes), bike, cook, fish and has a passion lifting weights and fitness.



I am a Buena Vista University alum with a BA in Business Marketing with minors in Graphic Design & Media Studies. I also work full time for the past 7 years as a Project Lead at a technology consulting and software development firm in East Village.

I love to run & lift weights. I even made my 1,000 mile running goal for 2016, phew! I love fashion, biking, fishing be it in the summer or ice fishing, sushi (WOO! Sakari in Des Moines (also one of our past clients) is hands down my favorite!), all things bulldogs and thriller novels. I also pumped through over 100 books in 2016. #crushingthosegoals


You may notice several photos of our little (fur child) bulldog Dexter or @dexterbulldogge on Instagram if you follow us. He tends to pop up on the blog occasionally because he is just so extremely awesome. The sassy little diva has almost 10K Instagram followers! And over 10K followers if you count his Twitter. #prouddogmom


Thanks for taking part in our lives and our journey over the years. Tanner and I have enjoyed building relationships with so many clients and blessed to do what we love together.

Enjoy poking around the blog and feel free to contact for PDF pricing guides on any session.

Tanner 641.430.1208
Sarah 515.480.9382


  • Eric


    My name is Eric Potter. I am starting a project in a couple weeks, where I’m going to get myself back in shape. As I am getting in shape I am going to write a book and blog about it in real time.

    In the process of doing this I am going to want to have professional pictures done on a weekly basis to show people my progress as I go throughout the book. I will want front, back and side in compression shorts and will just need a few taken anytime and should be pretty quick for each session…No more than 15 minutes or so.

    I was hoping someone could back to me via email on how much I would be looking at per session for this project. Also, once I have the book done, I would love to include your company name as where the pictures were done and how to contact you. I will be awaiting a response. Thank you for your time!

  • Laetitia Esasi

    Hello, My name is Laetitia Esasi . I’m a blogger and I’m currently looking for a photographer . I just moved here in Des Moines a week ago and l’m looking for a photographer to take some pictures of me for my blog. Please let me know if and when you are available and how it works.

    Thank you

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