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A few weeks ago Kady Godfrey one of the owners of the Keller Brick Barn wedding venue in Dallas Center messaged me for some fun venue photos. It is located just a few min Northwest of the Des Moines metro and what a gorgeous spot for a wedding! They even have air conditioning…which if you are looking for a barn wedding venue near the metro that is hard to find!


It’s a family owned venue that sits on a 100+ year old farm. They have poured so much work and love into renovating the barn and making it a unique and modern venue. They have installed chandeliers, had so much custom woodwork done that looks amazing and just really taken the time and care to make it unique and the perfect spot for a wedding. The barn was built in the 1930’s after the families previous barn was destroyed by a fire and was used for milking cows, storing horses and a hay loft for storage.


They have a wonderful room for bridal getting ready, as well as a small groom’s house that was originally a milk house to cool and store the milk from the cows.

des moines rustic barn wedding venue

They venue comes with tables and chairs (which is also wonderful!) and has a few spots you can choose for your ceremony the garden area by the barn or the pergola just to the South. There is plenty of parking so no worries there either!

des moines rustic barn wedding venueWhat a fun venue and hopefully we will have a wedding here soon! It looks great and all the hard work has seriously paid off. Thanks for having me out for pics and sure we will be back!!! Be sure to check out this amazing barn venue if you are looking for a rustic space just a few min out of the Des Moines, Iowa metro!
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