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I’ve always tried to share a little bit of our personal life with photos on our blog over the last 8 years. To keep up with this trend I thought I’d share a few fun photos from our “real” cameras (and video) from our week long 4th of July vacation at the family lake house in Long Lake, Wisconsin.


Below are a mix of some family photos, pics of our sweet niece and nephew and our olde english bulldogge Dexter. Dex you might know from Instagram as @dexterbulldogge as well as some fun drone landscape photos (and regular from the land landscapes, ha!).

I tell you what there is nothing like catching the drone off a boat with your hands for a serious RUSH!

It was great to take a week off and enjoy the 4th fishing and relaxing with family. Tanner and I had a blast but we are already back in the swing of things with two fun shoots this week (a fitness shoot (WOO!) and a commercial shoot for a new clothing line) already complete and a wedding Saturday to share soon in Dubuque.

Hope you all are having a wonderful summer!






Tanner showing his mom how to fly…meanwhile Dexter thinks he would love to catch a drone! 😉 LOL!


The entire week was just gorgeous!ztsphoto_2624ztsphoto_2625ztsphoto_2626ztsphoto_2627

Our sweet boy loves the cabin!ztsphoto_2628ztsphoto_2629ztsphoto_2630




Seriously…this thing rocks!




He’s so strange…note his feet…LOL! Awkward sitting dogs ftw!ztsphoto_2636ztsphoto_2637ztsphoto_2638ztsphoto_2639

Day 2 it was super cool so we were able to take Dex out with us. He loves to boat! ztsphoto_2640ztsphoto_2641ztsphoto_2642

All smiles watching us fish. ztsphoto_2643ztsphoto_2644ztsphoto_2645ztsphoto_2646ztsphoto_2647

So much action that the bulldog fell asleep (sitting up mind you) on the ride back to the cabin. LOL! I’m sure he was snoring but I just let him be to enjoy the wind in the jowls nap. ztsphoto_2648ztsphoto_2649



Drone flying at sunset


Us and some family, note Dexter had to squeeze into the photo too!



So pretty!

ztsphoto_2656ztsphoto_2657ztsphoto_2658Day 2 = the dogs are DONE for. Poor fur kids! (Dexter is still recovering a week later, ha!)ztsphoto_2659ztsphoto_2660Hanging with his people, he loves lake life!ztsphoto_2661ztsphoto_2662ztsphoto_2663ztsphoto_2664Someone found a tennis ball in the lake…but he’s such a diva it stunk and he was upset to pick it up. HA!ztsphoto_2665Woman back off with the camera. He’s such a drama queen!ztsphoto_2666ztsphoto_2667ztsphoto_2668ztsphoto_2669Out boating with family day 3!ztsphoto_2670ztsphoto_2671ztsphoto_2672ztsphoto_2673ztsphoto_2674ztsphoto_2675ztsphoto_2676ztsphoto_2677ztsphoto_2678ztsphoto_2679ztsphoto_2680ztsphoto_2681ztsphoto_2682My guys on the dock. ztsphoto_2683Self timer ftw! What a gorgeous sunset. Funny story…camera almost when in the lake due to the bulldog being upset he wasn’t included in the selfie. LOL! Thank goodness that old wooden bench we had the camera on held! ztsphoto_2684ztsphoto_2685My boys doing what they love. Fishing and relaxing. Dex just loved lake life!ztsphoto_2686ztsphoto_2687I was SO excited it was going to land! Maybe next year!ztsphoto_2688ztsphoto_2689ztsphoto_2690Fun 4th on the lake!ztsphoto_2691ztsphoto_2692ztsphoto_2693She was thrilled to drive the boat!ztsphoto_2694ztsphoto_2695ztsphoto_2696Nothing is as fun as some bubbles!ztsphoto_2697ztsphoto_2698ztsphoto_2699ztsphoto_2700ztsphoto_2701The lake has the best sunsets in the summer. Wisconsin you rock. ztsphoto_2702ztsphoto_2703MOM let me in for a nap! By the end of the week he was done for. Ha! So much fun!ztsphoto_2704One of Tanner’s great catches! Also note the sweet fishing hat, props to the cool wedding gift going to good use! (I have one too…and yes they have our names on the back, ha!) #wearesocoolztsphoto_2705Dex wanted to eat him 😉 ztsphoto_2706The kids had a blast in the pool from grandma!ztsphoto_2707ztsphoto_2708ztsphoto_2709More fun drone viewsztsphoto_2710ztsphoto_2711She was so brave, even petted the fish quick before we returned him to the water. ztsphoto_2712

And a bit of tubing! ztsphoto_2713ztsphoto_2714HOW CUTE IS SHE. Seriously. ztsphoto_2715ztsphoto_2716ztsphoto_2717ztsphoto_2718ztsphoto_2719Last flight of the drone, so much fun!ztsphoto_2720What a wonderful week!ztsphoto_2721

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