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ZTS News! | June 2016

After one of our fab engagement sessions last week we stopped by downtown Des Moines on the way home for a quick test of our new (toy) equipment…a DJI Phantom drone! (And YES before you yell at us or lecture us it’s already been registered with the FAA…promise!) We can’t wait to start taking a few snaps/video of couples for engagement session, commercial photography projects and weddings from the SKY! HOW COOL IS THAT!!!

Anyway…you will have to live with the ultimate photographer selfie of Tanner and I at sunset overlooking the beautiful skyline of our fantastic city Des Moines.

Thanks so much for everyone for keeping up to date with us. One more fab engagement shoot on the books tonight and we out of town June 28-July 10 for vacation (YAY) and a wedding in Denison, Iowa. And then gone again to another fantastic wedding in Dubuque, Iowa on the 16th of July. Followed by another crazy weekend out of town for us July 23rd in MN. Summer is just going to fly by!

Hope all is well with everyone. Maybe I’ll be cool and post a personal blog or two soon (I mean our bulldog @dexterbulldogge probably deserves a blog soon! Since he’s reached almost 10,000 Instagram followers?! WHAT!) And maybe I’ll blog our own wedding day…or engagements… or vacation…I should probably share more personal work on here because it’s fun!

A big shout-out to the 1,500ish of you that have followed ZTS Photo on Instagram since I made one a few months ago too. THANKS! Finally decided it was time to have a ZTS page vs sharing on my personal one. Woo! Adventures in social media marketing! We’ve even book a cool 2017 wedding recently from a couple that found us on IG.

Have a great summer and more fun images to come soon! (PROBABLY FROM THE SKY!!!)

-Sarah & Tanner Urich


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